Working with other plugins?



Your REPL swooned me, and I immediately tried to InspectAllTheThings. Upon which I hit a snag. I can’t see data pertaining to Unreal Engime plugins, specifically the VehicleMovementComponent in the PhysXVehicles plugin (Epic Games moved the vehicle code into its own plugin in 4.14 or 4.15).

For my own code (in project and plugins) I guess I have to create a SkookumScript.ini etc according to
Skookum C++

But how do I deal with plugins shipped with the editor?

Also, Do I have to do all the code/buildsystem integration in that guide if I just want REPL?



Hi Daniel - thanks for giving SkookumScript a spin! Plugins shipped with the editor are just like any other plugin. You simply add a line


to SkookumScript.ini in either the plugin folder (this works only if you build the engine from source) or, preferably, your project folder, and all the PhysXVehicles plugin functionality should be available via SkookumScript.

SkookumScript integrates into the build system automatically (specifically, into UnrealHeaderTool). The plugin piggybacks onto UnrealHeaderTool, scans the default engine modules and your game modules for reflected C++ classes and makes those available via SkookumScript - both to the scripting language and to the REPL.

You can use the REPL any time without having to modify your project. The SkookumScript files necessary for this are stored in your project’s Intermediate folder where they don’t affect your project’s content, or your teammates.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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