Variables in Tutorial Workbench


Hi there, firstly let me say thanks for an awesome project!

After playing for a bit with the tutorial in the SkookumIDE, I ran into some trouble with the section on Variables. After binding a variable with !bob : 9, I would execute the next line bob := 7 and receive the following error

ERROR: The identifier 'bob' does not exist in the current scope

What I realized was that I need to highlight both lines and execute them at the same time, because !bob creates a temporary variable that only exists in the current scope, and the current scope is defined by the current selection in the workbench. I initially assumed that these variables were in a persistent context somewhere :smiley:

My apologies if all this is already mentioned in the docs, hoping that it helps someone anyway!


Thanks for the praise and the feedback!

We’ll try to make that clearer in the SkookumIDE tutorial.

The online docs are being updated right now.

The Primer page will soon cover all these bits about the language. Until then you’ll have too look throughout the online docs that we have including the SkookumScript syntax and search these forum pages including the curated posts:

Please continue to give feedback and good luck in your SkookumScript adventures!


Thank you, that’s great to hear! I finished the tutorial without any other troubles, looking forward to going through more of the guides and stuff :grin: