UStructs not showing in IDE


I have been looking at the forum for clues on how to get UStructs to show in the IDE, and so far, I’ve had no luck. I downloaded 3.0.3376, installed it to the project folder as recommended in a forum post I can’t find at the moment, and then I cleaned up and recompiled everything. I do actually have a ustruct folder now, but it doesn’t have anything in it. I am using UE 4.13.2. with the plugin downloaded from

What I’m trying to do is access my C++ ustructs from sk. The BP’s I have are derived from a C++ base class which has several ustructs. I also created a variable based on the ustruct in the BP, and it does not show up in the IDE. These structs are declared as USTRUCT(BlueprintType) if that makes a difference.

If USTRUCTs are supposed to be supported, it would probably be a good idea to write up the steps needed to get Sk to find them. With that in hand, I can make sure I haven’t made a mistake in following the instructions from several different forum posts.


We’ll look into this and get back to you as soon as we can.


Make sure you are adding the API to the struct…

struct SOMEAPI_API FSomeStruct

just a guess, but that got me for awhile once.


Why would having an API make a difference to Sk? It doesn’t seem to be needed for UE. Any suggestions on which API to use? I used the game API (APOCCommand_API in my case), deleted intermediate and the binaries, and recompiled. Nothing changed.


I was just guessing to your issue, this fixed it for me before when I had similar issue previously. If this didn’t fix it, then you need to look further.


I am looking into this right now. Will let you guys know what I find!


I just found the forum post on setting things up for a C++ project. If you want to wait until tomorrow, I can follow those instructions tonight and see if anything changes. Since I don’t have a Skookumscript.ini file in my project config folder, I’m sure I have not told the script generator about my game header.


I actually was just going to ask you if you set up your project according to this guide. :slight_smile:

Just tested UStruct support here with latest code and all works fine for me.

For an example C++ project using SkookumScript, checkout our FireBot demo.

Let me know how it goes!


Yeah, firebot runs just fine, but you packaged it up so it would. :slight_smile: I actually used a guide from last year which said to move the plugin to the project folder. I think it was part of the DIY update or something that led me to that post. I think things are moving so fast that maybe the forum isn’t a good place to post documentation anymore. It’s hard to know which info is correct and which has been superseded by something more recent.Have y’all looked into setting up a wiki for documentation? I for one would be happy to help edit the content.


Ok, so after going through the C++ project instructions, the UStructs are showing up. A simple test of using println to show one of the field’s values works now. That is not a process for the faint of heart. I felt like I was following an arcane recipe and hoping that the cookies didn’t poison me when I ate one.

The first time I compiled and loaded my game into the editor, I got a bunch of errors in the sk plugin code. I kept hitting ignore until the game loaded. Sorry, I didn’t capture the errors. I just cleaned everything again, and the errors didn’t show up this time. If ignore flips a bit somewhere which is permanent, let me know so I can see if I can reproduce the errors. Right now, though, I can see my UStructs, which is what I need to move forward with my AI code.