UE4 Blueprint to Skookum Script



is it possible to convert existing Blueprint classes and Level Blueprint to Skookum?
Also, is it possible to represent existing Skookum classes and script in Blueprint?




There is no automatic way of converting back and forth, but SkookumScript and Blueprint graphs for the most part share the same engine integration, so you can manually convert code between the two fairly easily.

For reference, check out our Blueprints_Sk demo and look at both the classes Butterfly and Butterfly_Sk. One is coded in Blueprints and one in :sk:, both are equivalent in behavior. You’ll see how the :sk: version makes use of a coroutine (_fly) to describe the flow of the behavior of very naturally.


Also, feel free to check out our intermediate tutorial:


Thanks for the quick replies!



Btw here’s a post going into more detail about the butterfly Blueprint vs :sk: code.