The Death of Tick: UE4 & The Future of Programming


This is something I’ve been writing for awhile that I finally finished. Anyone that stopped by during GDC may have seen some of the real-time coding snippets contained within:
The Death of Tick: UE4 & The Future of Programming

Also syndicated on Gamasutra, with slightly worse formatting.

Almost ready to dive into SK but i have a few questions

Totally awesome article - thanks Zach! Love the “fireworks” animations - the beauty of Sk coroutines.


Amazing write-up! It was awesome seeing your stuff at GDC.

We have a bunch of new tech in the pipe that will make this area (minds, coroutines, etc.) even more powerful.

You are a great SkookumScript ambassador. :madsci:


Yes, those vids are amazing! I feel like creating a fireworks screensaver type thing now! :stuck_out_tongue:


This article needs to be pinned in the forum. It’s an excellent introduction to the key concepts of SK. Thanks for sharing!



Agreed! Pinned.


I found this article during my research on the UE4 Tick event a few days ago on vacation. One of the best I have found so far. Plan on getting in on the Pro once I get it compiled with the UE4 engine source.


I had fun making a new pattern called pulsar recently where projectiles rotate around one another.


Nice! Looks great.