Stand-alone demo (engine install not required)


This self-contained demo game executable (for Windows) shows off some simple SkookumScript behaviors, and includes the SkookumScript Interactive Development Environment (IDE) and thousands of script commands for experimentation.

Latest Build (3.0.5546 Beta)

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3.0.1956 Beta hot off the press! Console-Only Mode, Level Minds, Mac support, lots of workflow improvements
3.0.1897 Beta is here with Blueprint structs, default arguments and more!
Any way to create edit SkookumScripts in a packaged game?
3.0.2079 Beta is out - minor update with tweaks and bug fixes
3.0.2234 Beta brings SkookumScript to your Android device!
3.0.2020 Beta brings 4.10.1 support plus workflow and integration polish
3.0.2822 Beta is out! 4.12 now supported on Marketplace, new components plus lots of new features and bug fixes