SkookumScript games now supported by Mac OS X


Thanks to Agog Labs’ resident “Wizard of OS X” @GreatGuru, you can now package and publish your SkookumScript game for the Mac OS X platform!


Little confused about the announcement, what parts are working on OS X? Like I see the IDE icon in the OS X editor, is that’s what is working now?

If so how do we start? I don’t see an OS X binary. I do majority of my coding on OS X so been excited about this so I have some flexibility back in my workflow!


Hi Volker,

What’s running on Mac right now is the runtime plugin. That means you can ship a game on Mac with SkookumScript. You can also remotely connect to a game (or UE4Editor) running on Mac from an IDE running on Windows. There is no full Mac-based workflow yet as our IDE currently only runs on Windows. We are planning to have a basic Mac-compatible IDE soon.

We don’t currently support a precompiled plugin for Mac as we don’t think it makes a lot of sense without an IDE that also runs on Mac. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Plugin folder location on a mac?

A new Mac version of the SkookumIDE is in development!