SkookumScript creator Conan Reis featured in Douglas Magazine!


HOT OFF THE PRESSES: SkookumScript creator Conan Reis is profiled in a four-page feature in Douglas Magazine!

Read it here:


Wow, 60-person game studio! I look forward to seeing this and to playing the first Agog Labs game. Cool photo too, looks like Glen and Shadi switched places for the day.


This is a bit of a simplification of what I said though it is essentially true. :madsci:

Here is more fully what I said:

We plan to scale up to a 40-60 person company over the next couple of years. We also plan to make our own small to medium size games to showcase our tech so we will have many of the same staff you would expect to find in a traditional game studio though more engineering heavy.

SkookumScript evolved while it was used on AAA games and that made it what it is today. I think that you can’t make great technology and tools without actually using it yourself. We have to eat our own dog food so we know what to fix, add and what is annoying.

And yes, Glen and Shadi got mixed up. :grin:


I’ve always felt that Glen looked more like a “Shadi” personally…


The more I think about these cardboard cutouts, the more impressed I am. They’re not just floating heads, each one has a proportionate amount of collar to give it a solid base. Markus and Shadi’s are quite well-cut around the ears, in fact you could almost re-take the photos without the goggles, cutout the heads and then put the goggles on the cutouts (maybe ver 2.0).

Also you could now setup a photo opportunity in your studio with the life-size decapitated bodies, have people stand behind them to become mad scientists :madsci:

Now I’m picturing the special briefcase where the cutout heads are kept and wondering where Conan brings it for those just-in-case moments :briefcase: