SkookumScript API for UE4


Being absolutely fascinated by the capabilities of Skookum, my fellow team mates and I, have decided to fully switch our work flow from blueprint to Skookum, but we cant seem to find the API in the Skookum documentation.

In Skookum, is there something similar to the Unity Engine Scripting API web page?

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Hi @danilonikic4 - glad you are liking SkookumScript!

The best way to explore the SkookumScript API is with the SkookumIDE.

You can also use other commonly used text editors such as Notepad++ to search all the script bodies and use more sophisticated matching such as regular expressions.

If you are looking for the SkookumScript C++ API then you need to look through the SkookumScript C++ header files. Here is a bit of a starting point:

If you are looking to better understand the SkookumScript language then you will want to read over the SkookumScript Primer in the Online Docs.

We debated whether generating HTML pages for the API was worth it since the UE4 commands reflected into the API are constantly changing with every update. We decided to rely on the SkookumIDE since it has built-in real time interactive searching. [And there are lots of other priorities too.]

We expect to revisit online API docs in the future.

Is there any particular workflow or mechanism that you think online API docs would give you over the SkookumIDE?


I second having online API pages, like they have in Unity. Or even better: inside SkookumIDE (as pop-ups or windows).
Until now I’m doing fine with browsing the classes hierarchy (Classes widget) in SkookumIDE and seeing teir members.
Actually it is faster for browsing than an online docs site could be - no loading, nor even a half second, it’s instantaneous, and has a very fast search. This is great.

Is there any particular workflow or mechanism that you think online API docs would give you over the SkookumIDE?

For me, personally, pop-ups inside SkookumIDE (or a tab/window) with a short explanation and maybe example usage, for each class and its member functions would be great.
Also if I create a class or member function, variable etc, this pop-up would automatically pick my commented lines.
I know this is actually not related to Skookum specifically, because the skookum methods, classes etc are just copies/translations of what UE4 gives us, but would help the user not need to leave the IDE, code faster etc.


Thank you for your in depth reply, it is of great help.

I agree that a short pop-up with additional usage explanation would be a big plus for newcomers, and maybe a quick start video explaining coding simple interactions from scrach through Skookum, for ones who are new to game programming, but wish to use Skookum as an simpler alternative to c++ for text based programming in UE4.

Stay Skookum ! :smiley:


Also, if you don’t know yet: when you see a method in the code (for instance, in the tutorial Workbench) you can go to its definition using Alt+G.
I don’t remember exactly now from the top of my head, but maybe you can also right-click over it and choose to go to the definition, but I’m not sure. I’ll check it here.


This is the plan! :madsci:

Also the plan. We had some videos though things evolved so much that we removed the first set and then the second set. We’ll have to get a third set of videos up.