Roadmap update?


I think we’re all a bit worried about SK, I personally think it’s THE language for gamedev scripting.

Can’t imagine a better technology for writing AI and strongly typing your game data.


I think that python will only be for editor programming, if that is the case, it will not be a competitor since it cannot be used for actual game programming.


Python was attached to the UE4 Editor because:

Many VFX studios have huge pre-existing Python toolchains and libraries. Changing them to use SkookumScript was not going to happen in any short period of time. Co-existing would be the first step.

However as pointed out:

Epic has no plans or desire to use Python in UE4 runtime. That was an important consideration with respect to SkookumScript.

We are definitely having these conversations. We’ve been working closely with Epic about the future of SkookumScript and will have some interesting updates soon. :madsci:


Oh, this sounds very interesting you guys have something really nice cooking underneath. I may have a new project starting SOON as well and whatever it happens, will affect my project. How soon is soon? Is it like few days or weeks? I really can’t wait. ^^

Besides, is it possible what we can expect from the talk? I suppose it won’t hurt to share some plans as there isn’t anyone who is competing with SK.

If it’s difficult to talk about it, is it one of the followings?

  1. Epic will make some sorts of investment in SK and SK will continue the development, hopefully, faster than before.

  2. Epic will acquire SK and SK will evolve into something else. Of course, SK will play big parts in the evolvement.

I’ll be happy to either way but something needs to happen soon before the project goes into full production.



It is hard to put a timeline on it, though I expect that we can discuss the details in one to three months (being cautious).

If we can say anything sooner, we’ll let you know.


Hi, Noolarch, how are you guys doing?
The lack of updates makes me quite worry about the future of SK.

Is the talk between Epic and you guys going well?
Please let us know what’s going on so that we make a plan accordingly.

Right now, I started a small project using Unity and hold off another until I find out what’s going on with you and Epic games.



I’m in a similar boat as @chrisk414. I’ve got a project I want to start but I’m a bit nervous about :sk: at the moment :frowning:

I love :sk: but given how things have been recently I’m thinking of looking at Unreal.js (tbh, I NEVER thought I’d say anything like that lol. I would REALLY rather use :sk:)


Stuff is cooking… :man_cook:

We appreciate your interest and understand your concern.

More soon.


Cannot wait to hear what that is :+1:


Hmmm, look what I found:


i was just about to post that! lol

I REALLY hope it’s :sk:, the more i look at unreal.js the more I remember why I don’t like js in general.


Go ahead and reply, I just did. Make it sound like we need Skookumscript without saying it outright. Here is what I said…

We need a language that is fast at runtime and fast to iterate with. To meet these requirements, we need a repl, a ref counting gc, a language that compiles super fast, and sadly, static typing (type inference preferred). It should have a simple syntax and simple semantics.


One more thing, why don’t we get a discord room going. or gitter, or anything with some real time chat?


That’s a great idea. +1 for an official :sk: discord!


I’m having trouble finding your comment in that reddit thread. It is ‘early’ here and I’m just going through my first coffee so it’s probably just me.


Started a new thread here: Epic Having Internal Discussions About IL Between C++ And Blueprints


You can mention SkookumScript by name if you like. People will know what you are talking about.


So, we all knew you are taking to Epic to make SK as a first class citizen. Is there anything you can share?

Reading Tim’s post, I have a feeling that Tim already made his mind up and just wants to see what user has to say additionally.


I’m guessing here that if Epic is choosing Skookum for that (gameplay scripting), the Skookum devs + Epic devs may be making an adapted version of Skookum. Some changes that make the transition of python, lua, java etc users to Skookum easier. And they may even call it something that make people relate it to Unreal at a glance. USkookum? Hehehe. Just kidding.
Hope they keep it simple and so cool as the skookum syntax and features. I’ve scripted in python, javascript, actionscript, angelscript (these last ones look a lot like javascript) but skookum is still my favorite. Less typed etc. Reading the thread on reddit, looks like Lua is also appealing to them.
Skookum devs, what are you allowed to tell us? :slight_smile:


I hope the only adaptations are improvements to the language, I do not want it to become more like those languages. Skookum has some of the best features of an oop/imperative language that you could have while making a few trade offs where performance is concerned. I have programmed in a multitude of languages from all paradigms; logical, symbolic, functional, imperative, oop, and fexpr based. Skookum is one of my favorite if not my favorite language to program in due to its performance, fast iteration, and cohesive, simple, logical syntax. Skookum does require a slight paradigm shift for game developers to use it, but it is no where near as difficult as learning a functional or logic based programming language.

Basically, what I want is… keep the syntax and semantics, improve UE interop, and enhance the language in evolutionary steps.