[Resolved] Secure Connection failed while trying to purchase the SK Pro


Hi again mad scientists. There seems to be a problem with the next link:

The main site appears to have the SSL certificate revoked.


Thanks! We will look into it.

[If you are trying to purchase the SkookumIDE Pro, then double thanks!]

I don’t seem to have a problem with that link and page. It loads and when I refresh, it still seems fine and has the SSL lock :lock: icon.

In what way does the page seem to be having a problem?


Well, when i go to the gopro link this page is shown:

PD: I’m not using a VPN and i tried with other browsers.


Fun. Thanks.

We will try to solve it on our end.

You are connecting in from Lima, Peru - right? [I had a great trip there 10 years ago. Wow, has it been that long?]

If it takes a while, we will figure out a way to get you a copy of the SkookumIDE Pro more quickly.


Yep, i’m connecting from Cusco-Perú actually :grin:
BTW, maybe there’s something wrong with my PC settings. The page loaded in my phone…


If you find out any more, we would appreciate hearing about it.

Cusco was the home base where I stayed for 3 weeks while I did the Inca Trail, etc. Awesome to hear that game development is going on there. :madsci:


I tried with an “old” laptop with windows 8.1 and the problem is still there. Maybe it’s a windows related issue? I’m using windows 10 in my PC.


I’ve been researching it.

It seems that it is somewhat browser related.

It works with the Chrome browser and it does not work with Firefox/Mozilla.

I just tried it on Firefox and MS Edge and I get the same issue.

Would you be able to try Chrome until we figure out how to fix this?


It’s really nice to know that you visited us in the past. You guys from agog labs are awesome!


No, it didn’t work with chrome neither in my laptop or my pc.


There is obviously something wrong. :thinking:

What doe this SSL Checker report for you?

It says that the certificate is still good for 102 days for me.

If needed, we will generate you a custom coupon to get you a copy of the SkookumIDE Pro.


Yeah, everything is checked (green) and it says that the certificate expires in 102 days.

Also, i just purchased the Pro license using my phone :grin:


Awesome! Let us know how the SkookumIDE Pro works out for you.

Thanks for alerting us to this SSL issue. We’ll figure it out.


UPDATE: I asked a friend to see if he could open the link. He can’t open the link neither but he was able to open it using a local proxy: https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/wiki/Downloads


We’ve found out that our SSL certificate issuer made a mistake with the certificate and they revoked it to fix it and issue a new one. It should be resolved in a day or two.

Thanks again for letting us know about it.


This issue has been fixed. All should be back to normal. Thanks for hanging in there!


NP. I can confirm it’s working now.