[Resolved] Path for overlay `Project-Generate-C++` not found


Using the new IDE, this error happens immediately when :sk: loads.

Path for overlay Project-Generate-C++ not found (‘D:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\Scripts\Project-Generated-C++’)!

This is probably an error on my part, i was able to get :sk: working just fine on my work computer. This problem cropped up when I cloned the repo on my home computer. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

PS. There is one extra step I did when I cloned the repo. I added these .dll files: New :sk: IDE Feedback


What project is being loaded?

Can you paste the contents of your Skookum-project.ini file? It should be located in a place like \UnrealEngine\master\Projects\FireBot\Scripts.

Here is the FireBot Skookum-project.ini file I have for example:



[Script Overlays]

And the Project-Generated-C++ folder is located in a sub directory of where Skookum-project.ini is located.

Does the folder that it gave make sense to you? Is your project on the D: drive?

If the folder is just missing, create an empty folder and try to rerun.


Everything was looking good except for the Project-Generated-C++ folder. It didn’t exist, so I added it myself. Now when I try running the editor, it immediately throws a new error: Couldn't set association for project. Check the file is writeable.

Here are the contents of Skookum-project.ini

[Project] ProjectName=timmy StrictParse=true UseBuiltinActor=false CustomActorClass=Actor StartupMind=Master Editable=true [Output] CompileManifest=false CompileTo=../Content/SkookumScript/Classes.sk-bin [Script Overlays] Overlay1=*Core|Core\ Overlay2=-*Core-Sandbox|Core-Sandbox\ Overlay3=*VectorMath|VectorMath\ Overlay4=*Engine-Generated|Engine-Generated\|1 Overlay5=*Engine|Engine\ Overlay6=*Project-Generated-BP|Project-Generated-BP\|1 Overlay7=*Project-Generated-C++|Project-Generated-C++\|1 Overlay8=Project|Project\


Well, like I said earlier, this is probly an error on my part. I just jumped back a few commits on this project and everything is working fine again and :sk: is fully functional. I’m still learning how to use github and I may have did something that I shouldn’t have…

Terribly sorry for wasting your time!


Actually… Avast (anti-virus software) may have been causing the problems. It rages everytime SkookumIDE.exe tries to load and halts everything.


Also note this important detail: The new IDE supports a new overlay script format called “archived” (marked with the letter A in the Skookum-project.ini file). This format packs all information in an overlay into a single file. The old IDE does not support this format and will report a similar error like you have been seeing when it encounters such archived overlays. If you’d like to go back to the old IDE, you need to switch the overlays marked A back to 1, and re-run the UnrealHeaderTool. The most relaibale way currently to re-run UHT is to rebuild UE4.


I have noticed that difference, thanks for explaining it! Also, I’m not trying to go back to the old IDE, the new IDE is way too awesome!! The project that currently uses the new IDE has 1 instead of A, should I manually make the change and rebuild? Anyways, everything seems to be running fine now after pausing Avast.


Awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah if you are using the new IDE you should make sure that both the Engine-Generated and Project-Generated-C++ (if present) overlays are set to A in both <plugin_folder>/Scripts/Skookum-project-default.ini and <project_folder>/Scripts/Skookum-project.ini for optimum performance. 1 works too just the project will load much slower.