[Resolved] Not seeing raw data members in ShooterGame base project


Using UE 4.16.2 and the latest :sk: from the marketplace.
In UE 4.15 using the ShooterGame base project I would see a bunch of raw data members and methods on ShooterCharacter (I think this was previous version of :sk:) . In UE 4.16.2 and latest :sk: I no longer see anything on ShooterCharacter. data members, methods, etc… are all missing.

Doesn’t appear to have affected everything, as I see stuff on Character, Pawn and other classes. Looks like it’s only affecting any of the derived classes for the project (ShooterCharacter,ShooterBot, ShooterProjectile, etc…).

Any guess on what might be going on? Thanks!


Did you do this stuff?


Thanks, this was it! It’s been while since I’ve setup :sk: in a new project :sweat_smile:


I literally made the same mistake just days ago :blush: So it was fresh on my mind.