[Resolved] Editor Crash on New Line


On latest/greatest and just hit this error.

I was on the highlighted line and had either just pressed enter or tab.


We’ll look into this asap and let you know what we find!


We have tried to reproduce this over here but weren’t able to. Is this reproducible on your end?


I’ve also been unable to reproduce. I’ve got a solid 40 hours of new :sk: ide work this week, so we’ll so if I get lucky.


Here is a similar editor crash that I can reproduce.

Here are my repro steps:

  • Start with an sk class that has a boolean defined
    Boolean !@time_dilation_reset

  • Click on the line containing the variable definition

  • Press end to go to end of line

  • Press backspace twice

Alternately, it seems to reproduce just by selecting all, deleting and trying to type anything.


Cool thanks will have a look today!


Ok submitted a fix (updated SkookumIDE executable) let me know how it works for you!


Confirmed this works now.