[Resolved] Does passing arrays from an Unreal Skookum Blueprint node work yet?


I’m trying to make a blueprint node that passes an array of actors to my Skookum script.
The arrays are created by designers in an editor BP.
I tried List{Actor} but it didn’t work.
Can my Skookum BP node return an array?
If arrays are not yet supported, is there an alternate way to handle passing or receiving arrays?


Passing arrays to Blueprint nodes is not implemented yet but on our immediate todo list. We are just about wrapping up support for custom events, Blueprint functions, user defined structs, delegates and event dispatchers. Plan is to make those available in about a week. We’ll tackle array support after that.


Is there an alternate way I can do this? maybe not in a BP node, but somehow? Thanks!


You could store the array in a Blueprint variable which you can then access from SkookumScript.


For others reading this, I made an actor array variable in my BP, then in my Skookum script I access it by:
I can iterate through it. For example:
prints all of the actors names in that array


Nice! Btw in SkookumScript, you can, just like in C++, omit the this., so you can just say @myBParray.do[println(item.name)].

Note: There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. Arithmetic operator calls (e.g. this + 3)
  2. Conversion operator calls (e.g. this.String)


Blueprint arrays are now supported and checked into P4! Will post to GitHub next week.


Awesome! Great job!


wrapping up support for custom events

delegates and event dispatchers

I want to mess around with the input events, is this about ready? I have been waiting on the ability to tap into the event system for a while, this is an exciting feature for me!


We should have latest up on GitHub shortly. Will let you know!