[RESOLVED] Character not receiving events


So I’m launching a Character like so:

(target : ShooterCharacter) 
    !startPosition : self.actor_location
    !endPosition : target<>Actor.actor_location
    !direction : Vector3!
    !has_suggested : GameLib.blueprint_suggest_projectile_velocity(@@world direction startPosition endPosition 2000.0 0.0 ESuggestProjVelocityTraceOption.@@do_not_trace 50.0 true true) 

The Character launches fine, but I’d like to react to some events. I’ve overridden on_launched, on_landed and on_movement_mode_changed, but none of them are called. Am I missing something on my character or is this some bug with :sk:?

I’m overriding these on an sk class that has inherited from another sk class that inherits from Character. Thanks!


BlueprintImplementableEvents are currently not yet supported in SkookumScript. However this is a feature we have in the works and hope to have out there soon. In the meantime, you would have to expose your launch function to Blueprint graphs (via the &blueprint annotation) and invoke via a Blueprint event.


cool, thanks!