[Resolved] Boolean turns to Integer


Another head scratcher for me that has been happening for the last 2 releases.

I have a :sk: boolean defined in BP_ZipActor !Data.sk:
Boolean !@stop_reading?

I initialize the value in the constructor:
@stop_reading? : false

I then have a long running coroutine that calls

And some other methods that set @stop_reading? := false or @stop_reading? := true. These are the only pieces of code that touch this variable.

The symptom is that after the _wait_true triggers, the Boolean is now an Integer. If I print it out, I get 0 instead of false. And since I later do a _wait_false on the same variable, I eventually get this error.


Hi Zach - I tried reproducing this here but whenever I create a Boolean on an Sk class that’s also a Blueprint class, and do with it what you describe, it works fine. If you could PM me your project, or make a test case, or find out what else might be special about that member variable or the class that would help me getting to the root of the problem.


Ok so this was a bug in the parser - submitted the fix to P4. Will be available on GitHub soon as well!