Read the SkookumScript Primer to level up!


The Primer in the online docs has been up since August 2017 though many of you have probably not read it or even known of its existence.

You might have read the earlier docs that were available and not realized that more docs continue to be added.

The Primer may be a single web page, though don’t let that fool you, there is a lot of content – it would be about 71 standard paper pages. :open_book: (Currently 17800 words at 250 words/page = 71 pages.)

Each section builds on the previous sections and they are all numbered to make it easier to refer to a specific section.

It is still a work in progress, though there is lots of good stuff to cram :sk: knowledge into your noggin.

So please read the online Primer and give any feedback you might have on this forum thread.


The next sections to be added will be:

  • Flow Control
    • Code block
      • Scoping
    • Looping and iteration
      • loop and exit
      • Closure based iteration
    • Conditionals
    • Concurrent blocks: sync, race, branch
  • Classes, objects and members
    • Classes
      • Generic Classes: _ThisClass, _ItemClass, _Auto
    • Data members
    • Methods
      • calling superclass methods
      • constructors
        • calling superclass constructors
      • destructors
      • conversion methods
    • Coroutines
  • Memory management
    • Automatic Reference Counting


Please, add a “new” label to each new section when updated. It will be easier to keep track of it :grinning: .

Also, it would be nice if more :sk:-:ue4: documentation were added or at least information about it. I.e, if i’m not wrong it’s not possible to return more than 1 variable using &blueprint methods in the current :sk: version. Or what about passing variables by ref in blueprints, etc.


Thanks for the feedback!

Sure - we will make a little label for new sections similar to the one we are using for new language features and date them.

We’ll also put an overall “updated on date” on the page.

Yes, more :ue4: specific :sk: documentation is planned.

The Primer is intended to be for SkookumScript the language and ideally game engine independent since SkookumScript can be used for any game engine.

Obviously, UE4 is the current big SkookumScript engine integration so it will have its own specific docs and tutorials, etc too.

If you haven’t already, look at the existing :sk:+ :ue4: docs:

Also these forum posts: