New SkookumIDE 3.0.3838 posted!


Hey trusted testers! We just posted an update of the latest greatest new SkookumIDE.

Works with 4.13, 4.14 and 4.15!

What’s new?

  • added standard buttons to toolbar
  • multi editor widgets V1.0
  • there a two kinds of tabs: the preview tab and the “pinned” (non-preview) editor tabs
  • single clicking a member opens or repopulates the preview tab
  • double clicking a member opens a pinned tab
  • editing code in the preview tab will turn it into a pinned tab (icon changes)
  • closing a pinned tab with unsaved edits will ask if to save, if “no” is chosen the text chunk will be reverted (reloaded from disk)
  • cleaned up project reloading so that upon deletion of files on disk, the members/classes now properly reflect that
  • when a new class/data member/routine is created, the text chunk is now immediately synced to disk after creation (otherwise this puts the new pinned tab system in an problematic situation)
  • when a new data member is created, the caret is now placed on the new data member
  • when a new routine is created, the caret is now placed in the body of the new routine, ready to enter code
  • in SSkIDE shortcut pointers to widgets are now weak pointers so that widgets can go away without being held on to by the shared pointer
  • members are now auto-selected whenever a tab is user-activated
  • Open in Explorer support for Overlay window
  • File -> Exit implementation
  • added named pipe server to both ensure one instance of app and to transfer command-line args to existing app
  • made relevant command line switches work for Slate IDE
  • added initial project command line switch
  • launch of IDE from runtime specifies start project on command-line
  • reworked initialization order
  • changed assert message to match buttons
  • fixed bug where loading the same project again would lose the project name in the title bar
  • fixed broken project file filter specification in open project dialog
  • fixed crash due to missing null pointer check
  • fixed crash during shutdown while something is in the log print message queue

How to get it?

P4 users: Just sync to P4 from //licensee/main/...
GitHub users: Pull latest from GitHub, download the latest SkookumIDE executable and place into your SkookumScript plugin folder into SkookumIDE\Engine\Binaries\Win64

As usual, enjoy and let us know if you run into any issues!

Compiled binary file is stale, engine is newer!