New "Pricing" Page


We’ve just put up a pricing page that details many aspects of the various pieces of the SkookumScript suite of tools -

Tell us what you think.

Welcome to the Newbie section!

Two questions:

  1. Will you consider an indie friendly option for Professional Runtime?

From the pricing page, there’re pre-built libraries in Standard Runtime, and full library C++ source only available in Professional Runtime. For technology like script integration, full source access is actually quite crucial.

  1. Is full source of toolchain included in Professional Runtime?

Mainly, is the compiler/IDE source also included in Professional Runtime option?

Sorry for if it sounds like I’m ungrateful for the generous free standard offer, and just been over-obsessing with source access. I really like SkookumScript and wish I can use it in my future project.

Last week I got a linking error when integrating a 2d animation runtime to UE4, I was stuck. But luckily by looking into the iOS runtime source and with help of UE4 github contributor, I can fixed that error with couple line of source change in the same day. Which might easily take weeks if not months to solved if that happens in some closed-source engine.

Another case is that I always got Skookum IDE stalled/crashed when typing in Chinese character, which turns out to be tricky bug to resolved as it can’t not be reproduced in Skookum lab. But it might also be very easy to fix if someone can debug into the code in the environment where bug been triggered.

Personally I think Skookum should charge for low-entry Standard package, and give option for affable Professional Runtime (at least for indies).


agree. Probably something that depends on the size of your team with a max.


[quote=“Nate, post:2, topic:143”]
Will you consider a more indie friendly option for Professional Runtime?

From the pricing page, there’re pre-built libraries in Standard Runtime, and full library C++ source only available in Professional Runtime.[/quote]

For indies almost any reduced price will still be more than most would be willing/able to pay so we will look into doing some sort of royalty mechanism akin to what is used by the Unreal Engine - perhaps even piggyback on their system and go through their Unreal Marketplace. This could also be capped to a maximum amount. However we don’t know how feasible this is or have any sort of an ETA.

We may provide static libraries for consoles as well for the Standard (free) Runtime. This would mean that the only difference between Standard and Pro Runtime would be full source and ability to target more obscure platforms that we don’t supply static libraries for. The SkookumScript runtime is the same for both Standard and Pro - it is not crippleware in any way.

Note that much of the runtime source is available. All the AgogCore library source, all the SkookumScript-UnrealEngine plugin source and all the SkookumScript library header files. This should allow using the runtime in any crazy way you can imagine. If there is an error in the runtime – we’ll be on it to fix it quickly. We’ve been updating our SkookumScript GitHub repository every week or so. Compare that to big organizations or academic institutions (such as for Lua) that give updates with gaps of years between versions and have no focus on game development.

Currently the plan is not to include the full source of the toolchain - namely the IDE - for the Pro runtime. Most scripting languages have no IDE - certainly nothing that can do live changes to any platform - and we are selling it separately. If we gave the source it would be really easy for everyone to just compile their own version and we have to make money to support future development somehow. We will be actively working to make things better all the time with frequent releases.

We think that a freemium model is required for any new software these days. This is now even true with MS Visual Studio - with free, US$1200 and US$6000 versions.


I think you guys are been very generous with your standard/free package. Thanks!

Personally I’m not sure freemium model will apply here as Skookum IDE is targeting a much more niche market. But maybe that’s just me.