New members and classes


If I have a new empty folder somewhere in the Scripts folder, I cannot see the folder unless I also create a new file (constructor) and that new file must be populated.

I came across this issue when following the Basic Tutorial 2 where Step 7 says to click on Mind and then click on the + button. I didn’t see a + button anywhere, so I created my own folder through File Explorer. However, because the folder is empty, Skookum IDE doesn’t see the newly created folder (I think it should), forcing me to create the constructor script file myself and populate it in an external editor before I can see it in the IDE properly.

Not a showstopper by any means, but something to put in the backlog of bugs.


:sk: ignores empty folders, it only shows class folders that contain actual class data.

The new button can be found hiding under here:


Ah, my fault. I’ll try that tonight.


You can also find a detailed description of the New Class or Member pane in the SkookumScript online documentation.

[Instructions that referred to the plus + were from an older WinUI version of the SkookumIDE. It now is based on the Unreal Slate UI.]


This was not clear to me and may not be clear to others as well. Even though it is written in the instructions, a lot of times, who RTFM right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting a name with upper case automatically defines a new (sub)class while starting with lower case an instance method and underscore is a coroutine.



Agreed - it isn’t necessarily intuitive. We leaned towards longtime use for users that have become more experienced since your time as a new user will generally be much shorter than your time as a more experienced user.

Of course we don’t want to make the user interface so difficult to new users that they never progress to being experienced users. :madsci:

The starting hint is meant to help remind of the possibilities:

[Class.] SubClass | _coroutine | method[?] | ![constructor] | !!(destructor) | ConvertClass | @instance_data[?] | @@class_data[?]

Granted that it likely could be hard to understand the first few times you are using the New Class or Member pane

Do you have any ideas on how to make the New Class or Member pane both more intuitive to new users and still be a fast and powerful tool for experienced users?


I would say that adding the options in the right click menu would alleviate this issue. It’s one of the first things a user tries:



Yup. :+1:

Having them on the context menu is on our To Do list.