Name Clashes with existing BPs



There is “Duplicated data member! The ‘@item_static_mesh’ instance data member is …” error in getting Blueprint names translated to SK.

The blueprint is downloaded from the Market Place. There are several such errors and I guess I can change the name for now but there potentially many more in other projects. I guess this can be used my point about keeping the original name the same.



This actually is a common issue popping up when using Sk with existing UE4 projects. To address this, the Sk plugin has a feature that allows you to specify exceptions for such clashing names of properties and classes. It is described on our web site.

Let me know if it works for you!


Hi, GreatGuru,
Thanks for the pointer. This will solve the problem without having to rename it everytime I get new updates. By reading the post, I think the better idea is to have an option when parsing c++ header files, we can choose to SK naming or to keep the original naming. If I choose to use the orignial naming, I probably don’t have to translate name. Would that conflict how SK works?