More Demos Required


Hey great SkookumScript developers,I’m trying to use SK to rebuild AI part in my game,I attached a skookumMindComponent in my baseCharacter class, but I found that I got the concept wrong, the mind class should be bound to something overall to controll all instances !!! I strongly suggest you guys upload more demo projects(such as the “SkookumDemo” is good) for reference, it’s difficult to get all concepts such as “coroutines” “mind” and some weird syntax(such as “@ % instance” which are quiet different from c++) clear just by documents.


I’d love to see more Demos. Not just official, but also from the community, you can pick up so much by looking at other people’s work. At one time I thought I might release the source to my Space Invaders prototype. It was one of the first projects I worked on in :sk:… but looking at it now, it feels like a better example of how not to do things.


Hi I’ve seen your Space Invaders, it’s cool !!! I’'m working on my UE4 project, but still a long way front of me, seldom people use UE4 in China, and I get stuck in the problem of shortage of art resources right now.


What part of China do you live in? I played some Arena of Valor over the holidays and was wondering what game engine Tencent was using for it. My wife and I were hoping to visit China this year or possibly in 2019. I have had good luck finding artists on Upwork in the past but it is always nice to find local talent.


I lived in GuangZhou which is south in China, well I have to say Tencent games’ quality is low, they like to copy ideas from other games, for the question “what engine Tencent using” I’m not so sure but maybe U3D I guess, who knows haha. Maybe it’s one way(or best way) to find artists on net.


I completely agree! We will be putting up more demos for sure. Demos are some of the most interesting things to work on and - as you say - some of the most instructive.

We’ve been focusing on the following:

  • the language
  • the SkookumIDE
  • the integration with the Unreal Engine
  • the language libraries
  • the language documentation

Any bug fixes usually have the highest priority.

SkookumScript has already been used to create shipped AAA games, though all the above areas have work ongoing.

As @error454 mentioned, we were hoping that the SkookumScript community would help by contributing their examples. His examples have been great! I agree that more official demos are really needed too.

China is the third largest group of SkookumScript users after, Canada and the USA. So there are others in China like you using both UE4 and SkookumScript. :madsci: There are more than 100 countries using :sk: + :ue4: all together.


Tencent uses UE4 (Tencent owns around 40% of Epic Games), Unity3D and many of their own custom engines.

I’m not sure about the engine used by Arena of Valor though it is made by the Timi Studios Group (a Tencent subsidiary).

Both Timi and the Quantum and Lightspeed Studios Group (another subsidiary of Tencent) are working on different mobile versions of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds and both are using UE4.

The SkookumScript team has been contacted by some Tencent staff who have expressed interest in using SkookumScript with their UE4 projects. If and when we can say any more about this, we will let you know. :madsci:


Tencent is quite the powerhouse in the mobile arena, I was impressed by many aspects of Arena of Valor. Having big companies like this use these tools is great for the entire ecosystem.