Longevity of SkookumScript


Since Agog has been acquired by Epic Games, and the fact that Tim Sweeney has indicated that Epic is looking at a new scripting language, that this new language won’t be Sk (e.g. a hybrid of sorts). If updating the Sk plugin is not a long term goal, I’d really like to know before I invest too much time into learning Sk. I really hope you plan to keep updating it. Thanks.


Markus (@GreatGuru) and I are at the Epic HQ this week and will be finding out the path for SkookumScript.

Hopefully it will be in the vein of:

So fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: :madsci:


Hi guys! What did you decide when you were in Epic HQ? :slight_smile:
Many fellow developers are curious about the future of beloved SK.


Hey - the news from the Epic HQ is that SkookumScript will live on! :madsci:

We will be making the source available probably with the same End User License Agreement as the Unreal Engine - which makes sense since the SkookumScript IDE uses Unreal tech in the form of the Slate UI.

There are still a few mechanics and legalities to work out. The idea is to have the community support it with @error454 being the key maintainer/gatekeeper/shepherd (See @error454’s big post.) . So SkookumScript will evolve.

We’ll aim to keep the SkookumScript website and this forum up for as long as SkookumScript has interest.

When we have more specifics we will post them.

Thanks again everyone!

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Agog Labs makers of SkookumScript acquired by Epic Games!
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That is AWESOME news!!! I don’t suppose that means that we’ll see the Marketplace version of :sk: updated to 4.21 any time soon :crossed_fingers:


Assume that all time estimates are out the window until a new normal is found. :sweat_smile:

A 4.21 update is still planned and @GreatGuru is helping @error454 on the process.

Eventually once the SkookumScript source is available, the whole SkookumScript community will be able to lend a hand when they can so things should be able to continually advance.


Can you give any advice to those that haven’t started using SkookumScript yet? Should we wait to see what new options you and Epic come up with or use :sk: until then?


@Noolarch what does Epic team miss in SkookumScript?
Why did they decide to create something new instead of enhancing SK support in UE4?


I’d recommend perhaps waiting until the first community release. There will be a great sample project to go along with it. Right now we need to wait for all the little details to get sanctioned and with the current release state of 4.21 it’s going to be a steep learning curve just to dip your toe in the water.

I don’t think anyone can predict when everything will be in place to allow the community version to get started, so it’s just hurry up and wait for now.


Apologies @Apollo14 - I cannot comment on any aspects of what Epic is or is not doing unless it has been publicly announced.

I can say that Epic is a great company and is very developer friendly and I back the decisions though I can’t talk about them. Anything that we do at Epic will always have reasonings from a talented team backing it - sometimes practicality, sometimes hard realities and often a good dose of mad science. :madsci:


I would assume that Skookum was made to be more generic, applicable to any engine, than Epic wanted it to be. If Epic develops a language that is more specific to their engine, it will be capable of things that a generically applicable language would not be, and vice versa. If you take a look at what Unity is doing with C#, they say that building knowledge of the engine into the language allows them to achieve dramatically better performance, tooling, etc.


@JacobGood1 @Noolarch
I assume Epic wants to make UnrealSkript great again? :sunglasses:


Guys we still are allowed to use SK in other engine’s?


Yes. SkookumScript can still be used in other engines. :madsci: