Longevity of SkookumScript


Since Agog has been acquired by Epic Games, and the fact that Tim Sweeney has indicated that Epic is looking at a new scripting language, that this new language won’t be Sk (e.g. a hybrid of sorts). If updating the Sk plugin is not a long term goal, I’d really like to know before I invest too much time into learning Sk. I really hope you plan to keep updating it. Thanks.


Markus (@GreatGuru) and I are at the Epic HQ this week and will be finding out the path for SkookumScript.

Hopefully it will be in the vein of:

So fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: :madsci:


Hi guys! What did you decide when you were in Epic HQ? :slight_smile:
Many fellow developers are curious about the future of beloved SK.