Latest IDE and plugin 3.0.3727


Hey so we have listened to you and added some of your suggested improvements plus new cool features. Also the plugin got some tweaks and bug fixes! Here’s what’s new:


  • New Overlay List View (you might have to manually open it from the Windows menu)
  • You can now goto the definition of a symbol via ALT-G, F12 or context menu
  • Backward and forward navigation via ALT-left/right and mouse thumb buttons, remembering cursor location
  • “Open in Explorer” now working for editor, workspace and member list
  • Member and Error List are now sorted
  • Filtering the class tree now hides sibling classes without matches
  • Edit -> Preferences now opens ini file (temporary solution! will have proper dialog soon)
  • Added hotkeys to class and member search
  • Added CTRL+N hotkey support (for Add Class/Member) and a File menu entry
  • Upon class tree refresh, if anything is selected, always make sure it’s shown
  • New error and warning Icons in the error list
  • Renamed workspace to workbench
  • Created separate script file separate from the file
  • Turned two asserts of loading issues into error messages for smoother experience
  • Tweaked/corrected member adder instruction text
  • Fixed crash in member adder when non-existent scope class was specified
  • Better errors widget icon

Skookum UE4 Plugin

  • Made plugin more robust against binaries failing to load (less error messages and issues resulting from it)
  • When scripts for a class are generated, now the plugin always looks for a (reparented) duplicate of the class and deletes it if present
  • Nicer error message when the compiled binaries cannot be loaded after compilation errors


  • Fixed bug where invocations on raw members were falsely always considered immediate
  • Fixed crash during live update due to improper computation of the data array size for coroutines

Here’s how you get it

(this intermediate update supports only 4.14)

  1. Get latest plugin from GitHub for 4.14 by following the usual instructions. Please read the release notes as we have made some slight changes to the language (branch command). This will also get you all the files for the new IDE except for the IDE executable itself.
  2. Download the new IDE executable and drop it into your plugin folder in Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/SkookumIDE/Engine/Binaries/Win64.
  3. Open <plugin_folder>/Scripts/Skookum-project-default.ini in your favorite editor and change the line Overlay4=*Engine-Generated|Engine-Generated\|1 to Overlay4=*Engine-Generated|Engine-Generated\|A (note the A at the end)
  4. Build the engine and run. Everything should work fine and the new IDE should come up.

(P4 licensees: instead of 1-3, simply sync to //licensee/main/...)


[Resolved] Calling a coroutine from a component in a race