ID Name vs Label


The disconnect here is that the thing you are creating that has this Pickup Spawn Region variable needs to exist in the level.

An Object reference holds a pointer to a thing that exists in a level. For A to hold an object ref to B, both A and B need to exist in a level.

I create a class BP_Test with variable PickupSpawnRegion of type TriggerBox, I mark it as a public variable.

I drag BP_Test into the level along with 3 trigger boxes.

FROM world outline I select BP_Test, this is an instantiated instance of my object. Here I can set his default variable.

From this dropdown I see all instantiated instances of TriggerBox.

You guys might want to run through some of the basic :ue4: tutorials, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.


The BP that has declared the variable reference does exist in the world.

Excuse the large image. The BP that holds this variable is called BP_IO_Nexus, and is the selected floating sphere above the world.

As you can see, there is also no “Default Value” setting displayed on the Details panel, presumably because this BP is the storage facility for multiple variables.

We consult the UE4 documentation and tutorials fairly extensively before posting here on the forums. I know this may seem like a newbie mistake, but I think what is happening here is quite a bit more subtle.



Try clicking the eye icon next to the variable name in your blueprint


error454 swooped in and saved the day.

It basically came down to BP cache invalidation and needing to specify the default values from the outliner – not the blueprint editor. We did try this, but since our BP were out of date (but not being notified of this since the check mark was green), the default fields were not accessible, and we didn’t think to check that. So thanks UE4 for the wild goose chase!



Hello All.
Is there any news about how Epic will approach this issue (re ID names and Labels)?