How to set up Unreal Tournament with SkookumScript


You can bring the full power of SkookumScript to bear on Unreal Tournament! It requires very few code modifications in UT - here’s how:

  1. We recommend that you fork UT, so you can make modifications to the UT source code and keep them organized on GitHub
  2. Pull the latest UT release branch from GitHub
  3. Build using Visual Studio and run it to make sure it works
  4. Open a command prompt.
  5. Ensure you have Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) enabled. (See extra info on installing Git LFS.)
  6. cd to the Engine/Plugins folder inside UT, and run this command: git clone SkookumScript -b ut
  7. Run the following command line to build the SkookumScriptGenerator DLL which is needed by UnrealHeaderTool
    <path_to_ut>\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat UnrealHeaderTool Win64 Development -NoMutex -2015 -PLUGIN <path_to_ut>\Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\SkookumScript.uplugin -module SkookumScriptGenerator
  8. Optional: Regenerate the VS solution file to include the SkookumScript plugin, for example with the following command line:
  1. Place a new file SkookumScript.ini into the <path_to_ut>\UnrealTournament\Config folder
    Note: You can also find this file - and the following replacement files - in the UT subfolder of the SkookumScript plugin folder
  2. Replace <path_to_ut>\UnrealTournament\Source\UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament.Build.cs with this file
  3. Replace <path_to_ut>\UnrealTournament\Source\UnrealTournament\Private\UnrealTournament.cpp with this file
  4. Replace <path_to_ut>\UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament.uproject with this file
  5. Build and run!

Let us know if you run into any trouble!

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