How to set up Robo Recall with SkookumScript


SkookumScript now supports the Robo Recall Mod Kit! Wield the power of SkookumScript to retire your robos yet more creatively!

Here is how you install SkookumScript into your Robo Recall mod kit:

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher, go to the Modding tab and choose the Robo Recall entry.
  2. Install Robo Recall. If you have Robo recall already installed make sure it is updated to its latest version.
  3. Ensure you have Git installed and Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) is enabled. (See extra info on installing Git LFS.)
  4. Open a command prompt.
  5. cd to the RoboRecall/Plugins folder inside RoboRecall, and run this command: git clone SkookumScript -b robo-recall
  6. Place a new file SkookumScript.ini into the <path_to_robo_recall>\RoboRecall\Config folder
    Note: You can also find this file - and the following replacement files - in the RoboRecall subfolder of the SkookumScript plugin folder
  7. Replace <path_to_robo_recall>\RoboRecall\Source\Odin\Odin.Build.cs with this file
  8. Replace <path_to_robo_recall>\RoboRecall\Source\Odin\Odin.cpp with this file
  9. Replace <path_to_robo_recall>\RoboRecall\RoboRecall.uproject with this file
  10. Run Robo Recall from Epic Games Launcher
  11. You will get a message box asking you if you would like to rebuild the SkookumScript modules. Click Yes.
  12. The SkookumIDE should launch and UE4 should boot into the hub level.
  13. Click the play button, exit the elevator, walk a few steps forward and look left onto the holo station teleport location. In the SkookumIDE workbench, enter[CrawlerCharacter.spawn_at_xform(Actor@'HolostationTeleportLocation'.transform)]. 5 crawlers should get spawned that will squirm out to get you!

Let us know if you run into any trouble!

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