Help promote SkookumScript to make it even better!


Thanks for being a part of the SkookumScript community! :sk:

You’ve already helped immensely by being early users and have given a great amount of feedback and even contributed back code.

So no doubt you are asking yourselves:

How can I help promote SkookumScript even more?

We’re glad you asked! Here are two ways you can help SkookumScript get more love and cool features.

Tell the community about your projects!

Please post in the “Your projects” category to share your success and struggles on your projects. This will also make it easier to help trumpet your successes and projects as we get the word out about SkookumScript though various events and PR.

Hypercane Studios has lead the way with their post about their yet to be named Zelda in space project.

Increase the SkookumScript Marketplace ratings count!

Also please rate SkookumScript on the Unreal Marketplace. The mechanism can be a bit counter-intuitive see below for specifics.

Thanks again and please continue to let us know how we can make your SkookumScript experience even better! :madsci: