Haro Ventures puts SkookumScript to the test


SkookumScript has had so much buzz lately, our neighbours are starting to wonder if we are actually a front for an illicit beekeeping ring. And that buzz has now put us on the radar of Haro Ventures, a Victoria B.C.-based investment fund that supports the growth of high-potential software companies.

Haro has taken particular interest in SkookumScript’s growing reputation for being much easier to learn than other programming languages. Haro decided to put this claim to the test, and sent over a young associate with essentially no programming experience to see if SkookumScript is truly as easy to learn as we claim…

Read all about it on the SkookumScript blog!



Quite frankly, I didn’t know mad scientists even did office casual.

This quote should be hanging in your office :laughing: Nice article :thumbsup: