Free GDC Expo passes for friends of SkookumScript


We have a limited number of coveted Game Developers Conference Expo passes (a US$249 value!) to benevolently bestow upon friends of SkookumScript. That’s right, you—yes, YOU—could attend the world’s premier exposition for professional video game developers, on us! (The GDC Expo is March 16-18 at Moscone Center in San Francisco; you would be responsible for your own travel, accommodations, meals, pet-sitting, and other expenses.)

To apply, simply harness your powers of persuasion and email by Monday February 15 with your compelling reasons why you and/or your project are sufficiently skookum to deserve a coveted GDC Expo pass. If your application causes the mad computer scientists of SkookumScript to giggle with megalomaniacal glee, a pass will be yours! Muahahaha!

Successful applicants, supplicants and mendicants will be notified by Thursday February 18.


We still have a number of Expo passes to GDC though they are going fast!

Just let us know that you would like to attend this amazing event and one or more can be yours.

Feel free to ask for a pass right up until GDC - people occasionally drop out and passes get freed up.

See the games before they are released and amazing new video game tech.

Over 28,000 game developers from all over the world attended last year in 2015.