Exclude SkookumScript plugin from compilation?


Hey guys.

Since :sk: works best if it’s placed in the ProjectName/Plugins/ folder i was wondering if there’s a way of excludind :sk: from the compilation.

I usually need to delete the project generated folders (Intermediate, Binaries, etc) so i can Generate Visual Studio project files again, open the .sln and build my source files. The problem here is that :sk: is also compiling and increasing about 120-150 seconds to this process.

So i’m wondering if there is a way of excluding the :sk: plugin from the compilation?

I also have some batch files that does the process i wrote:

"C:\UE4Path\UnrealBuildTool.exe" -projectfiles -project="C:\MyProject\MyProject.uproject" -game -rocket -progress
"C:\UE4Path\Build.bat" MyProjectEditor Win64 development "C:\MyProject\MyProject.uproject" -waitmutex

By using these commands, i’m not sure if there’s a way of exclude a plugin by using a command line argument.
Also, there may be a way of excluding a plugin by modifying the MyProject.uproject file since:

Plugins": [
			"Name": "SkookumScript",
			"Enabled": false, //If false, SK won't be compiled.
			"MarketplaceURL": "com.epicgames.launcher://ue/marketplace/content/38694f554c2c4b9f84c585256d509481"

I may be wondering if there’s an extra parameter i can use in the plugin section so the plugin can be enabled but also excluded from the compilation?


We’ve moved most (or even all) of the project functionality into the SkookumScript plugin even when it is still an engine rather than a project plugin.

We’ll confirm that if there is still any extra benefit to having the SkookumScript plugin as a project plugin rather than an engine plugin and get back to you… :thinking:


I’m also using some third party plugins which i, think, it’s mandatory to have it located in the Project/Plugins/ folder.

I moved the :sk: plugin to the “Marketplace” folder but my 3rd party plugins are located in Project/Plugins/ so :sk: detects the plugin modules. It seems to be working fine with this setup but it could be better if i could move the 3rd party plugins to the Marketplace folder too.

If i try to move my 3rd party plugins to the marketplace folder, VS will show me this warning and :sk: won’t detect the modules:
Module 'PluginModule' specified in game project SkookumScript.ini file is not a game module. Currently, only game modules are supported. No bindings will be generated for it.

I’ve found a workaround tho. I’m deleting all the generated folders with the exception of Project\Intermediate\Build\ActionHistory.bin. Seems to be working fine. Plugins located in Project/Plugins/ aren’t compiled if i rebuild the project now.

Also, i’m interested in adding the “Paper2d” module to :sk: but i’m also seeing the same warning. I suppose that if i copy the “Paper2d” plugin to my Project/Plugins/ folder it will work fine. But is there another way?


Have you tried changing "EnabledByDefault" : true in SkookumScript.uplugin to false?