Context-sensitive Goto Definition


Currently, in some cases using the Goto Definition feature will show the incorrect method.
This happens when two or more methods are named the same.

For example; I have a ‘at’ methods for both Lists and Strings, using Goto Definition on the List’s at method will take me to the String’s at method instead. This happens even if the two methods have different parameters and/or outputs.


Yes, this is a known issue. :bug:

Ironically, the older (non-Slate UI) version of the SkookumIDE would bring up a list of choices when there were more than one possible definition so you could choose.

A similar system is planned for the newer SkookumIDE and will be available in a future update.

Please continue to hound us with any annoyances so we can work to ensure that working with :sk: is as pleasurable an experience as possible. :madsci:


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