Code snippets


Greetings, Mad Scientists,

Having tried out VS’ Visual Assist addon recently, I found it added a lot of functionality I felt was missing from most IDEs.
One of the features I found most useful in VA was the ability to give sections of code their own shorthand form inside of a custom snippet editor window.

A good example of this sort of usage would be a template for a For Loop, not only would it save time in writing; you wouldn’t need to worry about layout or formatting.

Another example would be a multi-line comment template:

(The cursor is placed here and the user is prompted for input)

Here is the reference page for VA’s snippets:

I know that this is a lot to ask for, but I hope to see this sort of functionality in SK’s future

Thanks for all that you do


Yes, we actually had an experimental version of this in the SkookumIDE many moons ago.

Our big idea is to make it so that you can automate the SkookumIDE with code written in SkookumScript using meta-programming and SkookumIDE classes and routines. We would write features this way and so would anyone in the SkookumScript community.

We all use Visual Assist here on the SkookumScript team. I consider it an essential part of a C++ development kit.


That idea sounds amazing!
I love working in SK; using SK to enhance the IDE would be a pleasure!