Can I use skookumscript in ue4.19?


I have downloaded ue4.19 recently, but I found lastest version of skookum is 4.18, can I use it in ue4.19?


We are working on a UE4.19 update right now.

Apologies - we usually have an update within a few days of a new release.

There are some issues, though I’m sure they will be resolved.

Once we have a better idea of an ETA we will let you know.

Until then please use SkookumScript with UE4.18 and lower.


thanks for replying,I am quiet looking forward to it, because I am using a server building plugin which is binded to ue4.19, I am sorry to ask the annoying question but what’s the release date of skookum-ue4.19?


It is coming fairly soon.

We also wanted to include a number of other updates with 4.19, though it was delaying 4.19 too much so we are going to update 4.19 and then follow with the updates afterwards.


thanks for your reply.