Can i make my own plugins using skookum script?



I was wondering if i could develop my own plugins using skookumscript and then share it/sell it to the marketplace.
For example i could develop my own Blueprint Libraries or extend some UE4 classes, etc.

a) Of course, the issue is that i should include skookum script in my plugin package (i’m not sure if i can, the license support it?).
b) I too should find a way to use the engine plugin folder to store my sk scripts instead of the “MyProject/Scripts/” folder.
c) Also, what would happen if someone already uses skookum script in their project?

Maybe the best approach could be to simply package sk scripts on my plugin folder and then tell the users that they need the skookum script plugin to make it work. But i still have to deal with (b).

Btw, can i extend the UE4 editor using Skookum Script?


We are totally okay with others making plugins that are dependent on SkookumScript.

The trick will be making it so that the Marketplace team can build your project with their automated build system. It can be a little picky about what it will accept.

We know the team at Epic so we can chat with them and help to figure it out.

We’ve also talked with Epic about making SkookumScript a default plugin that is shipped with the UE4 editor out-of-the-box. There are pros and cons with this idea though that would make it easier to make plugins that need SkookumScript for sure.


You would probably just need to say that the SkookumScript plugin is a dependency. As I mentioned above, the marketplace team might be worried about needing other plugins though it should technically be possible.

You can store Sk scripts in any folder: the engine, plugins, a project or anywhere. You just need to ensure that the project .ini file has overlays (libraries) that point to the correct folder location.

That should be fine.

All of this will probably have some gotchas, though it should be possible.

You can, though you would have to add the bindings to the UE4 editor C++ calls. We actually plan to do this at some point in the future so that you can use SkookumScript to automate the UE4 editor. We just haven’t had the chance yet since we’ve been focused on game runtime functionality. (The UE4 team at Epic would really like SkookumScript UE4 editor scripting too.)


Making Skookum Script a default plugin for UE4 would be sweet and i hope it happens in the future!

But how can i store sk scripts in my plugin folder and tell skookum script that there are scripts there? Do i need to modify SK plugin?

Right now i’m developing a plugin in c++ but i would love to develop my next plugin in skookum script and see how it works. Thanks for the answers! :grin:


The simple and low tech way to do this would be to just edit the skookum-project.ini file and add an overlay for your plugin that points to the folder that you want. If you wanted your plugin to be auto-added or something more sophisticated then you or we would probably want to extend the SkookumScript plugin to have built-in support for Sk dependent plugins. We’ve certainly thought about it. Just not sure where it would lie on our priority list. Though if you actually need it, that obviously gives it more weight.


Thanks for the answer :smile:

I will use sk extensively (for my game logic) after making my c++ plugin. And i’m sure that some of that logic could be packaged as a plugin (mainly static libraries). For now, i think i will make a free plugin and share it to the community first and see how it works! Thanx for the answer again.