&blueprint Context Sensitivity Seems Too Inclusive


I was noticing that the Blueprint context sensitive pop-up is extremely broad:

It seems that it shows all &blueprint methods for all classes that share a parent class. So if I have begin_play methods on 3 different actors that are subclasses of Actor, I’ll see all three methods when I type @. This is how I discovered this, as I accidentally called begin_play for the wrong actor :weary:.

I see that right now if I remove the Context Sensitive checkmark that it then shows all &blueprint methods, for instance I’m working in an Actor but then I also see methods defined on a PlayerController. This is what I’d expect in this case.

The behavior I’d expect for the Context Sensitive option is that I’d only see methods that are defined in my base and parent classes.


I just ran into this tonight myself. It’s not high on my personal wishlist but it would remove the possibility for some human error.