Beta release 3.0.997 supporting Unreal Engine 4.8.0 Preview 4


Epic just released the latest preview of 4.8.0, Preview 4! For those of you using our preocmpiled plugin 3.0.980 that means it is no longer compatible with the engine, as Epic has changed the API version from Preview 3 to Preview 4. So we built some new binaries so you can update your engine to 4.8.0 Preview 4 and keep enjoying SkookumScript. Please download from here:

Release 3.0.997 has only very minor changes from 3.0.980:

  • engine bindings whose method names begin with is_, has_ or can_ now have a (Skookum-typical) questionmark appended to indicate their boolean nature.
  • the SkookumScriptGenerator plugin will now recognize the path depth specified for the Engine-Generated overlay in the project ini file, and generate the script hierarchy accordingly


Beta release 3.0.1158 (GitHub only)