Beta release 3.0.1373 supporting iOS, Unreal Engine 4.9 and connection to remote IDE


Hello everybody here is our latest greatest release of the SkookumScript beta!

New in this release

  • iOS platform fully supported! See the installation instructions for the exact installation steps
  • precompiled zip file version of this release supporting UE4.9.0 Preview 3
  • remote connection to IDE on a different device (this is important for iOS) can be enabled by placing a file called ide-ip.txt inside the Content/skookumscript folder of your game, containing the IP address of your machine running the SkookumIDE on it (port 12357 must be open and able to receive connections on that machine). You can find out the IP address that your copy of the SkookumScript IDE is using (or set it) in Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\Runtime\SkookumIDE\Skookum-user.ini in the [Remote IDE Hosts] section under the name of your computer.
  • enhanced syntax to allow creating a temporary variable as it is passed as a return argument - see List@any for an example: !letter: letters.any(; !idx)
  • enhanced loop parsing so that named loops ensure their name is unique and exit may only be used inside a loop and only reference valid loop names
  • changed SkookumScriptGenerator icon to differentiate it from the runtime plugin
  • a number of minor additional tweaks and bug fixes

How to install/update

As usual, please follow our installation/update guide on how to install it! If you are using the Epic Games Launcher (installed engine), here are the latest zip files referred to by the installation guide:

SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1373 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.9.0 Preview 3
SkookumDemo 3.0.1373 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.9

SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1373 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8.3
SkookumDemo 3.0.1373 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8