Beta release 3.0.1250 supporting UE4.8.2 and master branch


Hey here is a quick release with some bug fixes and improvements supporting Unreal Engine 4.8.2.

New in this release

  • Compatible with 4.8.2
  • Added support for Epic’s master branch so you can now combine SkookumScript with the bleeding edge of Unreal Engine 4
  • Moved SkookumScript plugin into subfolder called Runtime
  • Moved SkookumScriptGenerator into subfolder called Generator
  • Shipping configuration now builds (not 100% yet - currently working on cooked assets)
  • More sample code in workspace file
  • Bug fixes:
  • Auto-parse and syntax highlighting are blocked from parsing if the compiler is compiling. Also fixed the selection auto-parse in the workspace pane so it properly parses coroutines.
  • fixes/updates for InvokedBase.data_by_name*() methods

How to install/update

As usual, please follow our installation/update guide on how to install it! If you are using the Epic Games Launcher (installed engine), here are the latest zip files referred to by the installation guide (this release supports only 4.8 - if you need a 4.7 version, let us know and we’ll build you one):

SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1250 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8.2
SkookumDemo 3.0.1250 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8

Note: If you are a C++/Visual Studio user and compile the engine from source, you do not need these zip files. Instead follow the instructions on how to obtain the source code from GitHub.



@GreatGuru, what you mean by “working on cooked assets”? Tried shipping build, but can’t make it work, is that any additional steps needed for shipping configuration?


Have shipping build working including standalone packaging for both Win64 and Win32, will push to GitHub today. :slight_smile:



The latest code and demo project supporting Shipping builds and packaging on both Win64 and Win32 is now available on GitHub. Enjoy!