Beta release 3.0.1220!


Hello testers here is another release of SkookumScript loaded with new features!

New in this release

  • Expanded UE4 integration by supporting a number of UE4 data types previously unsupported (this work was largely done by user @Nate - thanks Nate!!!)
  • UE4 structs now supported (72 new classes, e.g. HitResult)
  • UE4 enums now supported (186 new Enum classes, e.g. EAxis)
  • UE4 arrays now supported (via SkookumScript lists, e.g. in GameplayStatics.all_actors_of_class())
  • Skookum IDE
  • The IDE now auto-parses your code as you type and squiggly-underlines errors instantly!
    This works for both the editor window and for anything you select in the workspace window
  • Syntax highlighting can be toggled off as some users experienced slowdowns with this feature
  • The current line is highlighted with a box outline in all text windows
  • Bug fixes
  • Skookum Core Overlay
    – fixed List.reject() and so they don’t increment index when items are removed
    – added String() converter for nil object
  • Skookum Runtime
    – fixed String.add() / +
    – fixed too picky runtime check for cast of List objects
    – fixed InvokedBase@data_by_name() so it returns proper exists? flag
    – class hierarchy comparisons and class arguments now return correct info (was always returning Class rather than specific class such as Integer)
    – changed data_untyped_set() from a class method to an instance method
  • Skookum Compiler
    – closure now properly indicates whether it is a coroutine/method durational/immediate for its type info during a parse
    – fixed named arguments to allow predicate names (with β€˜?’)
    – ensured that if there is a parse error during an invocation operator that the receiver expression is not deleted too early (as first argument) when recovering from bad parse

How to install/update

As usual, please follow our installation/update guide on how to install it! If you are using the Epic Games Launcher (installed engine), here are the latest zip files referred to by the installation guide (this release supports only 4.8 - if you need a 4.7 version, let us know and we’ll build you one):

SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1220 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8
SkookumDemo 3.0.1200 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8 (previous release, here for convenience)

Note: If you are a C++/Visual Studio user and compile the engine from source, you do not need these zip files. Instead follow the instructions on how to obtain the source code from GitHub.

Make sure 'Hero_C' has been compiled for Handle Gamepad Turn