Beta release 3.0.1200 is here!


Here we go - another update of SkookumScript with our latest and greatest tech!

New in this release

  • Blueprint integration WIP
  • Any script-only method in a parent class of a class blueprint is now made available in the blueprint graph editor as a function node for placement (see SkookumDemo project/Hero blueprint for an example).
  • Updating blueprint methods in the SkookumScript IDE using “Recompile current class” will update the blueprint node’s pin configuration accordingly in real time.
  • Blueprint events can be created by creating a method without a body in a parent class of the class blueprint with a name that starts with on_. The event will be placeable in the event graph, and can be invoked by calling its SkookumScript method.
    We will refine and improve this mechanism as we go forward.
  • Skookum IDE
  • command-line args update: give other applications scripting superpowers
    • fix for command-line args being run locally on IDE
    • ensure that successive calls to IDE allows initial IDE to become foreground
    • allow command-line quoted arguments that are auto unquoted as needed
    • other command-line tweaks
  • Epic Games launcher/installed engine users also finally get all the goodness of the previous release (3.0.1158)
  • comments now auto-generated from UE4 function meta data
  • automatic dynamic mapping of Blueprint generated classes to SkookumScipt classes
  • outgoing parameters of Engine-Generated methods are now properly passed back
  • updated SkookumDemo scripts and example script snippets in
  • added index operator {} - calls at() - ex: list{4} ->
  • added index bind operator {}: - calls at_set() - ex: list{4}: value -> list.at_set(4, value)
  • fixed default constructors for VectorMath classes so objects get properly initialized to zero
  • added guard for UCS-2/UTF-16 and skip past BOM on UTF-8
  • as always: performed several fixes and reams of insanely meticulous detail work

How to install/update

Please follow our installation/update guide on how to install it! If you are using the Epic Games Launcher (installed engine), here are the latest zip files referred to by the installation guide:

SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1200 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8
SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.1200 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.7
SkookumDemo 3.0.1200 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.8
SkookumDemo 3.0.1200 Beta for Unreal Engine 4.7

Note: If you are a C++/Visual Studio user and compile the engine from source, you do not need these zip files. Instead follow the instructions on how to obtain the source code from GitHub.



Hi @GreatGuru, when adding method to Hero SkookumScript Class, is the added method supposed to be available in the Hero blueprint or child buleprint of Hero blueprint?


Hi @Nate - yes a method in the SkookumScript Hero class is supposed to be available in the Hero Blueprint but it is not yet working properly (work in progress). For the time being, add your functions to a parent class (e.g. Character or Pawn), then move them back to Hero when this issue is fixed.