Basic Tutorial 2: Spawn cubes dynamically and manipulate them using Skookum


Ah, that was it. Thanks for the help!


I have some questions regarding the _run_craziness method, and I’m hoping someone can fill in the gaps in my understanding.

spawn_cube is straightforward, but when we add 2.0 * Real.@@meter, I don’t understand why it isn’t @@Real, as that appears to be the static class.

4._do vs. simply allows for delayed actions to be executed in the loop. Functionally, it otherwise appears to be the same.

BP_Cube.instances._do is the same. Functionally it is the same as

item._rotate is the only method that causes a delay (e.g. is must be a coroutine because it does not return right away.

How bad are my assumptions?


Think of @@meter as a static variable in the Real class. If you go to the Real class constructor ! you can see it is initialized as @@meter: 100.0. So 2.0 * Real.@@meter just boils down to 2.0 * 100.0 - converting cm to m.

Yes, one is immediate while the other is a coroutine. You can’t call coroutines in an immediate block unless you branch them which is why the outer _do's are necessary.


Thanks for clearing that up for me.