Are you a Git and VS user?


Hello Skookumites,

We’d like to know who among you build their own :ue4: and :sk: plugin via Git and Visual Studio. If you do and are quite comfortable with that workflow, please sound off in here!




I have done so many times but I dislike doing it. I prefer downloading from market place and being blissfully unaware of the processes that go on underneath it all.


It was a bit of a hassle when I was a new user. There were a lot of complications dealing with Git in general. It would be much better if the market place was updated more frequently but I understand thats a problem with Epic Games.


I use the DIY workflow here as well. I don’t particularly like it but it’s necessary for some platforms.


I much prefer to use Git/VS to marketplace plugins. Most of complicated issues can be handled by VS if set up right, Git is a pain to learn, and when you toss in LFS you need to learn the tricks, but otherwise once you have it down its easy.

Also if I need to make a change to the base code I can, and with Git the change is obvious after an update (rebase) and can be easily fixed or removed at will.

On a side note: I do think for those that don’t like Git and can’t wait for Marketplace updates, maybe something could be added to the editor code to check and update :sk: itself with the pre-compiled from this site.


Yes - it is our plan to have the SkookumIDE be aware of updates and offer to auto-update.

Ideally it would be team aware too so that everyone on a project could update together.

The Marketplace is great for an initial install though tricky to keep up-to-date.

Git allows being able to contribute code changes though any auto-update mechanism could potentially tap into this too.

It’s on the list!