And here's another new SkookumIDE update!


Again we got some new IDE features for you (and a few plugin bug fixes, too). Check them out!

Slate IDE

  • multi editor widgets V1.0
  • there a two kinds of tabs: the preview tab and the “pinned” (non-preview) editor tabs
  • single clicking a member opens or repopulates the preview tab
  • double clicking a member opens a “pinned” tab
  • editing code in the preview tab will turn it into a pinned tab (icon changes)
  • closing a pinned tab with unsaved edits will ask if to save, if “no” is chosen the text chunk will be reverted (reloaded from disk)
  • members are auto-selected whenever a tab is user-activated
  • cleaned up project reloading so that upon deletion of files on disk, the members/classes now properly reflect that
  • when a new class/data member/routine is created, the text chunk is now immediately synced to disk after creation (otherwise this puts the new pinned tab system in an problematic situation)
  • when a new data member is created, the caret is now placed on the new data member
  • when a new routine is created, the caret is now placed in the body of the new routine, ready to enter code
  • added standard buttons to toolbar
  • fixed crash during shutdown while something is in the log print message queue
  • added numberingSystems.res to IDE package
  • fixed crash due to missing null pointer check
  • changed file path returned from open project dialog to be fully qualified and platform specific so that it can be properly stored in the ini file
  • fixed bug where loading the same project again would lose the project name in the title bar
  • fixed broken project file filter specification in open project dialog

Skookum UE4 Plugin

  • fixed bug where after a class was added during live update, Blueprint exposed routines would not call their virtual overrides properly
  • SkookumScriptGenerator now adds the Blueprint DisplayName to the member comments when present


  • added sanity check to SkDataInstance that verifies on access that the instance is in fact an SkDataInstance and not just a plain SkInstance
  • added new method SkClass::get_instance_data_type(uint32_t data_idx) that allows to retrieve the name of a data member based on its data index

Here’s how you get it

  1. Get latest plugin from GitHub for 4.13 or 4.14 by following the usual instructions. This will also get you all the files required for the new IDE except for the IDE executable itself.
  2. Download the new IDE executable and drop it into your plugin folder in Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/SkookumIDE/Engine/Binaries/Win64.
  3. Open <plugin_folder>/Scripts/Skookum-project-default.ini in your favorite editor and change the line Overlay4=*Engine-Generated|Engine-Generated\|1 to Overlay4=*Engine-Generated|Engine-Generated\|A (note the A at the end)
  4. Build the engine and run. Everything should work fine and the new IDE should come up.

(P4 licensees: instead of 1-3, simply sync to //licensee/main/...)

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!


I set up this update but for some reason all my skookum code no longer works. I get this error message for everything now…

All of this code worked fine before the update… have I forgotten a step in the install/setup process?


I submitted a fix for this to GitHub. Try getting latest and let me know if that addresses your issue!


problem fixed, good work =)