AIController GetMoveStatus


I went looking at the UE code to see what methods the AI controller offers, and I found one called “GetMoveStatus” which I can’t find in Sk. Is it there under a different name or has it not been implemented yet? I’m not having a lot of success with waiting on events to get the status of a move because in some cases it halts the thread, so I’d like to wrap GetMoveStatus in a loop with _wait until there is a success or failure status.

Since this is a method coming from the standard UE AI controller header, if it hasn’t been implemented, I’d really like an explanation on how we could write our own wrapper in Sk for something like this.


This function is called move_status in SkookumScript. You find it in the AIController class.


I must be doing something wrong because I searched for “GetMoveStatus” and didn’t find anything. I see that it is in the comments for move_status, so shouldn’t I be able to search for the names of UE functions in the IDE to find the name of the Sk function? I haven’t moved to the beta IDE yet. Maybe I should do that?


The “Goto” dialogs in the Windows UI version of the SkookumIDE are just a Symbolic Search that looks through the names of members - not their code body text.

The names of the Blueprint commands are changed to fit the SkookumScript style:

  • alternating case OneTwoThree is changed to lowercase with underscores one_two_three
  • Initial Is is removed and ? is appended instead so IsValid becomes valid?
  • Initial Get is removed so GetMoveStatus becomes move_status
  • Initial Set is moved to the back so SetMoveStatus becomes move_status_set. This makes it so that move_status and move_status_set are listed together alphabetically
  • Also, any initial K2 (for Kismet2) is removed if present

A future version of the SkookumIDE will have Find in Files that can be used to search through code body text.

The UE4 blueprint name of methods is stored in the comments of methods so it would be found with a Find in Files.

We might be able to make searches in the SkookumIDE more UE4 smart so that different name variants are automatically looked for too.

Here is some more info and tips on the “Goto” Symbolic Search: