Agog Labs makers of SkookumScript acquired by Epic Games!


Agog Labs (and SkookumScript) have been acquired by Epic Games!

SkookumScript has some really innovative features. We’ll make sure to carry that DNA onward.

We can’t talk about the specific projects and tech that we’ll be working on until they are officially announced at Epic.

We would like to thank all of you for your passion (and occasional annoyance) for SkookumScript and all the great suggestions and community support.

SkookumScript itself will live on!

Think of this as a new chapter rather than an ending.

Cool stuff is coming.


Agog Labs joins Epic Games; RIP Sk


Can you guys open source all the stuff so we can keep updating or will it be obsoleted after 4.21? Or is it all under Epic’s ownership now?


Epic owns it all - lock, stock and barrel. Though the SkookumScript plugin code and the other aspects that we already made open source are still available on GitHub.

This is a “good thing™”.

No doubt this is a disturbance for active SkookumScript developers.

However, Epic is very developer friendly and in the fullness of time it will be paid forward.


This is definitively a good thing. Epic is probably going to give us the language without restrictions.

I will stop using :sk: for the time being but i assume porting :sk: to the “new language” should be easy.

Congratulations guys! You deserve it!


Wow!! Finally, the day has come! Congratulations guys! It is really a good news for everyone. I’m sure your vision will be completed under Epic wings.

The best thing SK brought to the tables were the versatile continuations, fast runtime compilation, and intuitive REPL.
I know Epic will like to do thing their own ways but fight your best not to lose them. ^^



I also hope for the addition of better standard libraries built in in the language (Http, Json, etc.). And maybe ways of adding third party libraries in SK without the hazzle of doing it in C++.


This also explains why we sort of fell off the face of the earth for a while. The deal was a long time coming and we couldn’t talk about it while it was in process. Still much we cannot say. We can only talk about things that Epic has publicly announced.

I’m an Epic company man now. :madsci:

Sorry about that lack of responsiveness. And now you know.


Since we are back to the drawing board, I guess I would like to chime in my wishes.

  1. Keep the continuation as is.

  2. Make REPL to remember states(until you reset by restart) so that you can continue to build the experiments just like how other REPLs are working.

  3. Use VS or other well-known editor so that the existing tools are working and you can keep focusing on the core language, not the editor. Epic never made a good code editor in the past(UE3 days) and it was really terrible.

  4. Keep the language similar to c++ or c# or at least keep the function name the same (personally I prefer Lisp for the simplicity but that would be very unlikely)

If you can convince Epic, bring State programming similar to UnrealScript in concept to the new language. Continuation can fill the void but it’s not the same. States can make thing very simple(such as overriding global functions) and it will work really awesome with continuation.

Congratulations again. Your hard-work finally paid off!



This is good news indeed, because it sure means the gameplay scripting language Epic has chosen is being architected by the Skookum devs. They can’t talk much because of NDAs, but we can guess piecing together the info:

“Epic owns it all - lock, stock and barrel.” + “They’re part of Epic now.” = Maybe as I guessed, some sort of new Unrealscript, based on the foundational skookum architecture, design features etc.

My guess: they’ll brand it with a new name and maaaybe some resemblance to python or lua, for the community of users of those languages, which is huge (and both are nice languages, deserve consideration) and that Epic needs to consider.

Something like: Now John Snow is a Targaryen. But it’s the same John Snow. And a Targaryen.


I love this bit. :laughing:


@Noolarch Any chance for the rest of the code to be opensourced? There’s no way for the community to maintain the language with only the code on GitHub.


I can see this being a great thing for Agog Labs and UE.

On the business side it makes perfect sense for you and Epic.

However we are completely ignoring the fact, that SK was released as an alternative to Blueprint programming.
Some of the community invested a lot of their energy and possibly time and money in SK based projects. You are kind of not delivering or even breaking the promise of what your product was giving.
Realistically 4.21 will be outdated soon, making SK development no longer feasible.

Have you considered or tried talking to Epic about giving you a tiny bit of resources to maintain SK updates until the new scripting language is released?
I wish you all the best and again I understand the business decision.
But there are other factors like not forgetting about your community or people who invested in your tech.


Yes - of course. We are looking into what can be done. No one should hold their breath though.

Remember that people have shipped games with SkookumScript already. It is true that ensuring that it continues to work with new versions of Unreal may be tricky or not guaranteed. However many AAA studios lock their UE4 version down mid development to keep the development ground stable. I realize of course that the sort of people using SkookumScript will often be early adopters so this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Using existing versions of SkookumScript for your core gameplay may work just fine from the beginning of a project to its eventual shipping. At the same time - there may be issues (known or yet to be discovered) that may or may not be resolved nor have work-arounds - it is a risk.

Using the workbench/REPL to run snippets of code on the fly is relatively low risk and quite likely remains a huge assist for development. This should still be awesome! :madsci:

Adding this uncertainty for core gameplay sucks - especially if you are mid-development and using SkookumScript. Though it might just work, especially if you don’t need to migrate existing projects to new versions of UE4.


I have mixed feelings about the announcement.

On one hand, Agog Labs joining Epic Games should mean that once the new scripting language is finalised, any updates should be included with each UE update.

On the other, it isn’t clear what form this new language will take or when it will be available. SkookumScript seemed to have most of the features I felt were missing from UE, and I’m not sure they will all be included in EpicScript.


I’m sure you’re in good hands with Epic. I cant wait to see something like cough Unreal Script or whatever it will be called integrated (again) in to the engine. Until then I’ll just stick with the current build for .21. I hope this website and forums stick around until then.


For anyone that missed it: