Adding Shipped Plugin not working


Yo. I’m trying to give :sk: access to CableComponent, which is a plugin that ships with the engine, but haven’t had any luck. I’m using UE4.16

I’ve added:

to my SkookumScript.ini file, but when I compile I get this warning:

Module ‘CableComponent’ specified in game project SkookumScript.ini file is not a game module. Currently, only game modules are supported. No bindings will be generated for it.

Any help appreciated, thanks!


I tried Paper2D and PhysXVehicles as well, both gave me this same warning.


Thanks for pointing this out Tom!

We will look into it and get back to you.


Have you tried adding that same line to the SkookumScript.ini file inside the plugin (Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/Config/SkookumScript.ini) ?


That worked! Would be nice if it worked in config file with the project though :slight_smile:


Cool - we’ll look into that!