3.0.2822 Beta is out! 4.12 now supported on Marketplace, new components plus lots of new features and bug fixes


Our latest greatest plugin is now available for 4.12 and brings you more cool components, features and bug fixes!

New in this release


  • New components! We now have three types of components, the SkookumScriptClassDataComponent, SkookumScriptMindComponent and, coolest of all, the SkookumScriptBehaviorComponent. The good old plain SkookumScriptComponent is deprecated and should be replaced by either SkookumScriptClassDataComponent or SkookumScriptMindComponent`. Read here to find out how exactly these work.
  • Added !new constructor to Entity which allows entities (UObjects) to be created on the fly
  • Added Debug.print_memory_execution() which prints runtime memory usage to the console
  • And most importantly, we added an indispensable feature every respectable scripting language must have: Integer@fibonacci - embedded high-performance Fibonacci series computation technology beating the pants off all other scripting languages on the planet :madsci:


  • Added abort_coroutines methods for Object and Mind
  • Refactored generated binding code
  • Changed relative to absolute path in runtime script generator
  • Added C++11 range-based loop support to AList

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with relative include paths in generated engine bindings that would make the plugin not compile in RocketSync build environment
  • Fixed bug where, when errors are present in the script files, the engine error popup did not let you retry compilation more than once
  • Removed obsolete tests and parent class FSkookumScriptGeneratorBase from FSkookumScriptEditor
  • Fixed issues with project script file generation
  • Do not generate any script files in commandlet mode
  • A number of SkookumScript internal fixes

How to get your hands on it

To get this version, just open up Epic Games Launcher and grab our latest plugin from the UE4 Marketplace!

If you are keen on using Git you can get the most bleeding edge version of our plugin from GitHub - see our installation instruction page on how to accomplish that.

We also strongly recommend you get our latest demo projects and/or have a look at our tutorials section.

If you would like to try out SkookumScript without having to install Unreal Engine first, get our latest greatest standalone demo.

Again, please tell us (on this forum) if you encounter any glitches or have trouble setting up or running this update!


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